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Electrical Hazards 
High Voltage Electrical Arcing

A graphical collection of images, both local and from around the world - highlighting the hazards of working in the proximity of electrical conductors.

An example of high-voltage electrical arcing when things go wrong.
Note the worker in the foreground - whilst the arc extended about 7.5m further back.
The total "jump" was probably about 20 metres at its peak.

Site of an electrical accident in 2004 involving an EWP & without the services of a spotter.
Equipment was being used by a contractor well within the designated No-go-zone.
It's unlikely that contact was made with the 22kV overhead lines but the approach was close enough for electrical arcing to occur.
The force of the current blew a hole in the concrete footpath. Fortunately the worker survived (but sustained serious injuries).

Underground Assets?

The best way to dig around buried cables is arguably "Hydro Excavation". Quick, much safer and virtually non-destructive.
Video thanks to QA Electrical and Bartlett's Waste Management.

Recent spotting job at McDonalds Heatherton

EnergySafe Victoria TV Advert

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